Boat Rentals

Superior Times Resort & Campground is located on the beautiful shores of AuTrain Lake, just over two miles south of Lake Superior and Highway M-28. The lake is full of fish and we have a fish cleaning house on-site!

Boats are available for daily or weekly rental for resort and campground guests.

Call 906-362-9612 to reserve your boat rental today!

BoatMotorDay RentalWeek Rental
Meyers 14ft Deep V25 Horsepower$60$360
Pontoon (Seats 9)40 Horsepower$125$600
Mirrorcraft 14ft Deep V6 Horsepower$45$270
CanoeTwo Paddles$15/day
KayakOne Paddle$15/day


NEW! Aqua-Cycle™

It’s like riding a tricycle in the water!

$25 per hour, plus tax

$50 per day, plus tax

As a result, adults and children enjoy safe, stable and smooth rides on virtually any body of water. Three wheels, wide paddles and flexible steering make Aqua-Cycles™ easy to control. Therefore no special lessons or extra equipment is necessary.

Max 2 people

Jet Ski Rentals

Price is per jet ski. Two jets skis available.

$60 per hour, plus tax

$120 for 3 hours, plus tax

$200 for the day!

Price includes 1s tank of gas only! 

AuTrain Lake Fishing

AuTrain Lake is fed by four surrounding streams and is home to a wide selection of fresh-water fish. It is primarily recognized for big walleye and northern pike, and also provides smallmouth bass, bluegills, perch and rock bass. On average the lake is about fifteen feet deep, some areas go down thirty feet.

The AuTrain River is home to brook trout, brown trout, and steelhead.

Drift fishing with nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows is the most popular technique. And though the lake reaches a maximum depth of about 30 feet, a sunken island that rises to within about eight feet of the surface is a popular fishing area.